Latest Hot Scenes That Indian Censor Board Forgot To Cut Out!


The reason why people are vocal about Indian censor board is because of their partiality towards some movies. Whatever their personal vendetta may be, it seems they ban and cut out some of the less hot scenes while they pass bolder scenes which may not be appropriate for kids. That is why our censor board will always be controversial and they don’t seem to have a code of conduct to follow.
Even Bollywood production houses and directors and producers have always accused censor board of being illogical and far from ground reality. Some even say that censor board is politically motivated and act according to some external forces and have no backbone of their own. But thankfully, they have not cut out the following scenes to our delight.

BA Pass – How this scene got passed from the censor board is till a mystery! But thank God it did! This is hot as hell for any young teenager!

Hunterr – Another aunty and young kid scene that portrays exactly what some kids wants to do with some!

One Night Stand  – She can really do some magic on any man and women too! Censor board passed it with blur effect only!

Alone – The movie may not be a hit but the scenes by Bipasha and Karan are always on the top of our mind thanks to censor board.

Hate Story 3 – If you thought paoli dam has shown in all in Hate Story then Hate Story 3 raised the bar. From pressing, cuddling, touching at wrong places and what not! Censor board was silenced!

Love Game – Another flop movies with superhit hot scenes. Maybe censor board knew it is going to be a flop and let the scenes pass easily for solace.

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