Man Ordered Black Pants & Sunglasses But Got A Beautiful Red Dress. Twitter Is Pulling His Leg


One such incident happened with a guy named Dylan Evans who ordered sunglasses and black pants online. However, he got the biggest shock of his life when he got his order as it was a beautiful red dress for females. This is undoubtedly not even close to the items that he ordered.

This is what he ordered:

But he received this:

Dylan Evans shared these photos on the micro-blogging site Twitter with caption, “Ayy @ASOS (I might be wrong) but, I’m pretty sure you’ve sent me the wrong order…”

Here’s his tweet:

The company responded, “Ayy Mr Dylan, you are definitely rocking that dress! Please send over your 9 digit order number and your ASOS registered email address in a DM and we can organise a cheeky swap to happen 🙊”

Twitter also thought that the red dress suits Dylan Evans and pulled his leg in comments. Check out some selected tweets:









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