Meet Navpreet Banga, The Girl Who Looks Exactly Like Priyanka Chopra



The internet may just have found Priyanka Chopra her doppelganger. Yep, no kidding.

Navpreet Banga, a Canada-based Youtube fitness vlogger seems to have caught the fancy of Instagram users due to her striking resemblance to none other than Quantico star Priyanka Chopra.

Her instagram account browngirllifts has over 23,000 followers and went viral yesterday after the internet just couldn’t stop talking about herl.

We don’t blame them. The similarity is just way too real.

Having herself realised how similar she looks to the Bollywood superstar andHollywood’s new import, Banga also dresses up as the actress from time to time to surprise her social media followers.

As of now, she’s already dressed up as Kashibai, from Priyanka’s last Bollywood outing ‘ Bajirao Mastani’ and we can’t wait to see her don Chopra’s Veronica from Baywatch as well.

Now, time for the big reveal-

Here’s how Queen Priyanka Chopra looks like-


And, here’s us presenting her lookalike-





We rest our case!

via: businessinsider

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