Mika Booked Entire First Class Of A Flight For Himself, Got Trolled By Shaan In The Most Epic Way


Mika Singh is one of the most talented singers of Bollywood but at the same time, there’s no denying the fact that he’s a controversial personality too.

Recently he made headlines on social media when he posted a video from a flight in which he booked all the seats of the first class because he wanted to travel alone just like Michael Jackson.

Here’s what he said in the video,

“There was a time when Michael Jackson used to say that he wants to travel alone and today, I want to travel alone. I want no disturbance, ek bhi aadmi mujhe first class mein nazar nahi aana chaiye (I don’t want to see even a single man in the first class), so I booked the entire first class for myself.”

He even showed the entire first class that he booked and bragged that only people with a big heart can do this.

In his words,

“Poori first class mei koi nahi hai, sirf ek sher hai (There is no one in the entire first class except a lion). Singhs are always kings.”

Mika even went on to say that it will now become a trend among big celebrities and people will start following him.

Watch The Video:

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This is how netizens trolled Mika for wasting money instead of giving it to the needy:







However, Bollywood singer Shaan stole the show with his epic style of trolling. He took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and posted a video in which he was seen at a bowling arcade and as per the singer, he booked all lanes there for himself and his family just like Mika. He even says, “Paaji, follow kar rahe hai aapko. (Bro, I am following you).”

He shared the video with caption, “Inspired by @MikaSingh booking entire First Class of Emirates.. dekhiye main kya kar baitha (see what I did) 😂😂😂 ”

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Even Badshah loved his response and tweeted,

How did you find Shaan’s style of trolling? Let us know.

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