How Much Amount Of Money Does PM Modi Earns Annually, Amongst The Other Political Leaders Of The World.

See inside how much amount of money does top leaders earns.

#5 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Here are some top leaders in the world who are earning well. Their dedication towards the work makes the country proud.Here’s the salary of the world’s most popular leaders.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earns $ 260,000 (Rs 1.77 crore) annually. He is the youngest Prime Minister around the world.

#4 South African President Jacob Gedlihalekisa Zuma

The President should be required to be the member of National Assembly. South African President Jacob Gedlihalekisa Zuma earns $ 223,000 (Rs. 1.51 crore) annually.

#3 Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin is the first Israeli Prime Minister. He has hoined the defences forces in 1967. Benjamin Netanyahu earns $ 165,130 annually (Rs 1.06 crore).

Read further which are more top leaders who earns more annually but not the least.

#2 US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump was the Businessmen and Television Personality.He has the long interest in the politics and he has defeated sixteen opponents from Political Party.

Trump earns $ 400,000 (Rs 2.72 crore) annually. And He is the most highest paid Political leader in the World.

#1 PM Modi

India’s PM Modi works in the lowest salary of all of these, he has made the most credible government, and has earned the popularity. He is bound by India’s rule and their salary is only $ 30,300 ( Rs 20.63 lakh) annually.

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