Mysterious Video Footage That Can Not Be Explained


One thing is for certain – put a movie camera or video recording device in the hands of a human and they will record anything and everything. The ability to capture motion on film has been around since the early 20th century. Before World War 2, home movie cameras were widely available to the general public. As the years went by, the technology improved. Color film was made available, image quality improved, night vision capability was added and recording devices got smaller and more efficient. Today, we can record ultra-high definition video in a device which is significantly smaller than anything we had even 20 years ago. This has enabled us to capture scenes almost anywhere and at any time.
Of course, combine the ability to record video anytime or anywhere with our curiosity and imagination and you’re bound to end up with some interesting footage. Over the last several decades amidst all the movies and amateur film that has been recorded there is an ever growing pool of unexplained footage circulating the internet. Purported footage of ghost activity, alien encounters, humans with superpowers and mysterious creatures can be found with a simple Google or Youtube search. For the most part, these are clearly hoaxes and badly executed tricks. However, every now and then a video comes along which just can’t be explained or has enough credibility that it can’t be ruled out immediately.

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