NASA Has Found Solution For Stopping Asteroid That Will Destroy Earth & It’s Simple


The news spread like a wildfire all over leaving many people and cosmologists in the state of panic.

However, the way to divert it from the way to Earth has been found now and it will be done by painting the rock.

NASA is all set to send a mission named OSIRIS-REx to study the rock. Dr Michael Moreau, a scientist who is working on the mission said that a spacecraft will be sent to paint the asteroid.

But how will painting the rock divert the asteroid?

As per the experts, changing the colour of part of the asteroid would expose it to solar radiation, which could heat the object up enough to change its orbit and miss our planet.

Dr Moreau told Gizmodo-

‘Even just painting the surface a different colour on one half would change the thermal properties and change its orbit.’

Well, we just hope it works. What are your thoughts?

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