Neighbor Called 4 Yr Girl Home For Chocolates. Then, He Brutally Raped & Injured Her


The neighbor (24 year old) lured her with some chocolates and called her home.

After she went to his place, he raped her like crazy. He called her when she was playing outside in the compound.

After he raped her, the little girl told the entire incident to her mom. She was immediately taken to Nilagiri hospital for treatment; doctors said that her condition had become worst.

Even a police complaint was lodged against the neighbor on Saturday. As of now, her medical examinations are done. Ramesh Singh, the Inspector in charge of the Nilagiri Police station said that they are trying hard to find the accused.

The whole country is condemning such acts. Some strict actions should be taken soon, else matters will worsen to a great extent.

Rapists should get the strictest punishments, don’t you think so?

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