In Next 10 Years Humans Will Start Living On Mars. Time Traveller From 2030 Makes Big Revelations


One of the most important reasons to not believe in the theory of time travel earlier was that “no one ever from future visited our time to let us know about it”. Although there were many stories of time travellers visiting us, they were majorly written off and were called fake.

However, off late such instances have become quite common. There have been many people recently who have claimed themselves to be time travellers. Their revelations were also quite intriguing and difficult to be written off.

Some time back we revealed you how a boy named Boriska claimed to have lived on Mars in his previous birth. He claimed to remember everything from the planet and revealed that life exists there and is much advanced compared to Earth.

Now another man named Noah has been spotted who claims himself to be a time traveller from 2030 but got stuck in 2018. In an interesting revelation he claimed that people from Earth will start living on Mars from 2028. Can you believe that?

The man had no evidence to prove his words but he passed the lie detector test. A video shows him giving answers to some really interesting questions and his answers are also passed by the lie detector test.

Noah has also predicted that Donald Trump will be re-elected as the US president in next elections, global warming will get worse, artificial intelligence will improve and humans will discover “intelligent alien life”.

Shedding more interesting details he said to note down that in 2030, the US president is a person called Ilana Remikee.

The video also shows Noah’s wrist X-ray in which a piece of time travel technology can be seen implanted under his skin.

Watch the video-

Well considering the recent launch by Elon Musk and his space promises for future, we can’t deny Noah’s claims. They can indeed turn out to be true.

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