PC Answered Vogue’s 73 Rapid Fire Questions About Love, Life And Dating. Boy Did She Slay!


There’s nothing left to say about Bollywood’s most loved desi girl, Priyanka Chopra, who is making enormous waves in the land of the Hollywood!

This beautiful woman is not only the world’s most charismatic lady, but her quick-wit, her confidence, her demeanour; just never fails to amaze us. Since the time, she was crowned the Miss World at the tender age of 17, we knew a star was in making.

But it will shine so bright like a BIG diamond; was something we could never fathom. But that is who Priyanka is, she is bigger than our imagination.

Slaying it like a million other times, Priyanka Chopra answered Vogue’s 73 questions and killed it not just once, twice, thrice; but freaking all 73 times. Check this gem out!

1. When she was asked what is the greatest misconception about India…

2. When she was asked to send a message to all her fans, back home… *sobs*

3. When she was asked, where does she see herself in her career, 10 years from now, she quipped –

4. When she was asked what is the worst pick-up line she has ever heard, she said –

5. When the interviewer asked her to teach him the coolest slang in Hindi, she taught him this –

6. When she talked about her favourite Met Gala dress memes on camera!

7. When she was asked, if there is something she always travels with, she introduced her Mandir!

8. And when like all of us, she indulged in a guilty pleasure. It happened when the interviewer asked her to sing her favourite Taylor Swift song and she started tripping –

I am not going to leave you hanging there. Here are 65 more reasons to fall in love with Priyanka. Uploaded by Vogue, this video is EXACTLY why I love internet!

Isn’t this woman just super awesome? I can’t even believe she is real. #SorryNotSorry for fan-girling so hard!

We love you Priyanka. I love you! ❤️

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