People Are Taking Selfies From Below Their Beards And It’s Seriously Weird


If I had the ability to grow a beard – which thank god I don’t actually because I’m a woman who’s already had to pay for several rounds of laser treatment – I would definitely spend a lot of time perfecting it. 

There’d be that special beard gel rubbed into it daily for good growth, a casual trim at the beard manicurist for good measure and probably loads of selfies with the women who’d undeniably be dripping off my arm just because of how damn good my beard would be.

But would I ever take a #beardsfrombelow selfie, like these creeps are doing. No! Because they quite frankly look like weird, giant penises. Take a look for yourself:

Yes, in the latest craze to take the internet by storm, men are upending their beautiful beards and posting monstrosities like this online.

People are also drawing similarities to Beaker from The Muppets…

Our video editor Theo, who sits next to me, peered over and decided to get involved. I think his is the creepiest of all:

So there you have it. #Beardsfrombelow.

Why? I don’t know. Will you be posting yours in our comments? Yes, you probably should. 




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