Pervert Sent Vulgar Text & Nudes To Woman & Then Asked Her To Delete Them. She Taught Him A Lesson


Men who have harassed women earlier are now scared with the fact that the victim may come out in open and tell everyone about their deeds. So now they are trying to persuade the victim by giving different reasons and some of them are really weird.

A woman from Pakistan’s Islamabad shared some screenshots, showing how a man is trying to convince her to forget what he did in the past and forgive him.

Check out the screenshots:

It’s too late now….

What’s the use of repenting now?

He also offered to pay her:

His desperation can be understood by the fact that he is ready to call himself mentally ill. He even called himself a schizophrenic person:

Here are her tweets:





Well, there is escaping from your bad deeds and one day your past will come back to haunt you.

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