PM Modi Stared At RaGa When He Said PM Can’t See Into His Eyes. Twitter Flooded With Funny Memes


The debate over no-confidence motion is going on in the Parliament and the President of Congress party Rahul Gandhi didn’t leave any stone unturned in attacking the Modi government during his speech.

He alleged that the Indian defense minister Nirmala Sitharaman has lied to the country regarding the Rafale Deal as she has refused to divulge the details about the amount involved in the deal citing that the French government has requested them not to disclose the amount. Rahul Gandhi also claimed that he met the French President who had no problem in disclosing the amount.

RaGa also attacked the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that the country is suffering from his jumla strike.

He went on to say that there is a sense of nervousness in PM Modi and he cannot see into his eyes. But as RaGa said, “Pradhan mantri apni aankh meri aankh mein nahi daal sakte (PM can’t see into my eyes)”, the PM Modi was seen laughing and opening his eyes wide as trying to see in Rahul Gandhi’s eyes.

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After the speech, Rahul Gandhi went to PM Modi and hugged him while Modi also gave him a pat on his back.

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Twitter had a field day over these two scenes and hilarious memes outpoured on the micro-blogging site:
















Let’s see what will be the answer of PM Modi on the allegations stated by Rahul Gandhi. What do you have to say in this connection?

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