Priyanka Wore Cross Pendant & Uploaded Pic. Trolls Asked If She Changed Her Religion


Priyanka Chopra is one of the most famous actresses in Bollywood; we are proud that she has spread her charm in Hollywood too.

Priyanka has wooed our hearts with her acting as well as her hot personality. However, like every celeb, even Priyanka is trolled on many occasions. Sometimes people troll her for her dresses while at other times, she is trolled for joining Hollywood.

Couple of days back, netizens found another reason to troll her. Yes, it was due to her “Cross Pendant”. Well, Priyanka uploaded a pic in which her cross pendant was clearly visible. As soon as people noticed it, they trolled her left and right and asked her if she changed her religion.

It might just be a simple accessory but unfortunately, people slammed her badly & related it to Christianity.

Here’s the pic…

Here’s the pic in case the tweet doesn’t load…

People didn’t take a minute to start slamming her. It is sad to see how people start religion base debates the moment they get a chance. Is wearing a cross pendant a crime? At least these comments show so…

Are you a christian?


Sikh dharm chhorh dia?

Why did you wear?

Hollywood has changed you!

Do you follow Jesus?

Jai Hindutva!

We really don’t know what these trollers want. It’s just a fashion accessory & rather than targeting her religion, these people could have appreciated her style. Don’t you think so?

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