Punjab Man Cries When He Gets 5 Votes, Says He Has A Family Of 9 Members


This man from Jalandhar stood for elections independently and got just 5 votes. He starts crying shortly after it and says that he has a family of 9. Elections results are out and people are celebrating with Modi heading for another 5 years, while others are not so happy about the situation.

A man from Jalandhar Punjab stood independently bagged just 5 votes, even when he has a family of 9 members who can wait. He says later in the video that he won’t run for elections again. He also said there might be a problem with the machines and this is all vain.

I feel pity for this man, but let us admit it, it is a little funny. ” apno ne hi daga diya”, phrase can’t be used better than this case. The video soon went viral on Twitter and people are enjoying the little break from the serious tension of politics.

Here is how they react :

We should not be laughing at his pain but this was hilarious.
This incident took place in the morning and now he has 852 votes and still counting.
We salute your spirit though!

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