RJ Malishka Once Again Takes A Dig At BMC In This New Song. Don’t Miss It


Malishka Mendonsa, the famous RJ, always takes a dig at BMC during monsoons. Last year, she had come up with her own version of “Sonu” song and had made fun of BMC.

She’s back once again with yet another music video and this time, she has highlighted the bad condition of Mumbai’s roads.

This latest video is a recreation of famous Marathi song “Zingaat”; she trolls BMC by saying “Mumbai Geli Khadyaat” i.e. Mumbai is under potholes. During monsoons, we often read headlines about worst traffic jams or potholes creating chaos.

In fact, most of the accidents happen due to these potholes itself. The music video sheds light on the mishaps that happened during monsoons.

Rainfall is creating a havoc in Mumbai and every now and then, we see celebrities and common people complaining about the issues on social media.

Hope Malishka’s song is an eye-opener; watch the video right away…

click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

Hope BMC takes some quick action on the same. What do you think?

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