See What Mole On Different Parts Of The Body Say About You


Having a mole on different parts of the body is very natural. We don’t pay heed to them in normal life. But in Samudrika Shastra, we are told that every mole has some significance. You must have heard a lot of people say that if you have a mole on this part of the body, then you’re lucky or you will come across such situations in your future.

Here’s what mole on different parts of your body say about you-

1. On the right part of the forehead

It indicates wealth, fame, and success.

2. Beneath the eyebrows

It shows that a person is intelligent and very creative.

3. On the nose

People who have moles on their nose are short tempered and are known to be great flirts.

4. On the sclera

If you have a mole on the right eye, then it denotes easy money, while on the left eye denotes arrogance.

5. On the ear lobe

Moles on the ear lobe are considered a good sign. If you have a mole on the right earlobe then you are strongly committed to your family.

6. On the cheek

If you have it on the right cheek, then you are a sensitive person. And if you have it on your left cheek, then you are very introvert.

7. On the neck

Mole on the neck on either side is a good sign. It indicates a good personality.

8. On the shoulder

It shows that a person has a lot of responsibilities. He is a very sensible and practical person.

9. On the chest

Mole on the chest or breasts indicates that the person is lazy and always sought for an easy life. They love to enjoy the luxuries of life.

10. On the fingers

If a person has it on his fingers, it shows that he may encounter many obstacles and even bankruptcy in future.

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