Shashi Tharoor Takes A Dig At BJP Over Allahabad Renaming. Gets Trolled By Twitterati


BJP government has become a target of trollers after they changed the name of city Allahabad to Prayagraj. Many people on social media are shaming them for promising development but doing nothing except of this random stuff. A lot of hilarious memes are doing rounds on the social media which are all about this latest activity by the UP government.

Shashi Tharoor joined the fun as he took a dig at the government by posting a picture which shows all the cities which have been renamed in the country so far. Have a look-

You can also check the picture below-

Shashi thought that he will be lauded by the Twitterati but instead, he got trolled very badly. People pointed out that Congress was responsible for the renaming of so many city names in the pic. Have a look at the reactions-








Now that’s hilarious.

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