Shilpa Shinde Made Fun Of Puneesh Bandagi kalra’s Relationship, Here’s How Puneesh REPLIED Back!


Since few weeks Shilpa Shinde is sharing warm relationship with lovebirds of the house- Puneesh Bandagi. After Bandagi got evicted last Sunday, Shilpa Shinde is seen supporting Puneesh every now and then. During the captaincy task- BB Daycare, Shilpa Shinde was having Priyank Sharma’s doll, so she went up to Priyank and asked her whether he’ll save Puneesh if he wins the captaincy task. Because of shilpa’s proximity to Puneesh and Bandagi, all is not well between Arshi Khan with whom Shilpa shared a good relation for the longest period in the house.

Puneesh Sharma and Bandagi Kalra’s relationship has been talk of the town. Now that Bandagi is evicted, Puneesh has been spotted shedding tears and missing her. In an unseen video uploaded on VOOT, Vikas revealed that both decided to fake their love to survive in game but they fell for each other. Puneesh also missed how Bandagi use to take care of him by keeping a check on him whether he have taken his meal on time or not. Continuing this topic, everyone started discussing about Puneesh Bandagi future. Akash advicsed Puneesh that he need to sort out the things with his family after he steps out of the Bigg Boss house.

Vikas interrupts in-between and ask out Puneesh if he will have a live-in relationship with her outside the house. At this Shilpa tease Puneesh saying that he already in a live-in relationship with bandgai in Bigg Boss house. To this Puneesh reply back to Shilpa that earlier also he have been in live-in relationships but this was the biggest one in his life as  he is living in with so many people. After this everyone started laughing!
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