Shocking Footage Captured of Monkey Drinking Petrol From Bike in Panipat


Shocking Footage Captured of Monkey Drinking Petrol From Bike in Panipat

Environmental change and global warming have really catapulted our entire ecosystem, so much so that many animals are forced to come out of their natural habitats and find substitutes to their traditional food. Often we hear leopards, lions, and panthers roaming around in villages and ending up preying on pet animals, cattle, and even humans, all because their forest land has decreased and the food is scarce. In another bizarre and shocking incident, a monkey was spotted drinking petrol and speculation is that it steals it from parked bikes to get high.

The shocking footage was captured in Panipat. The viral video which has surfaced on social media shows a monkey drinking petrol from a bike pipe. The incident was captured by a group of bikers in Insaar Bazar, Panipat who wanted to find out who emptied their petrol tanks. To catch the culprit they kept watch and found to their surprise that the culprit was the monkey seen in the video. Animals can adapt to any circumstances but to see a monkey drinking petrol to get high is something very bizarre and shocking. The video shared on YouTube has already become viral.

According to a report published in UPI, Gaurav Leekha in-charge of a volunteer organization in Panipat said, The Monkey was clearly addicted to the petrol. If would refuse to eat even bananas and nuts if anyone offered. It would not trouble anyone as it was perhaps always high. Nevertheless, it brings up the grave matter that what can be done to curb such behavior and is the animals behaving in such manner because of human infringement on their traditional habitat.

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