Silly $ex Mistakes Every Girl Makes at Least Once In Life


$ex is an art and which can be achieved or excelled with time, it is not a one day cup of tea that can be learned. Every guy has an expectation from her girl or woman during intimacy. If you are new to the intimacy you will definitely make these mistakes. Here are 9 $ex mistakes every girl makes at least once in life.

1. Not being an initiator

Every girl shy to being a initiator when intimate. They want the guy to starts first. The guy appreciates you if you start. If you both are partners than why there is a shy kind of thing.

2. Worrying about your looks:

Never worried about how you are looking. Just pay attention to him and enjoy each and every moment on what you are doing at the moment, this time is to enjoy rather than thinking about how you are looking at the moment.

3. Judging the guy isn’t that much into you.

Every woman ends up with judging that guy just wants to intimate. Think the guy wants you as much as you want him. So this is one of the common $ex mistakes every girl makes during intimation for the first time.

4. Making past life a big deal

What the guy forgot in his past life about that when doing $ex. Just enjoy it. This is not the moment to look or think about past life, this is the time to enjoy every single moment of intimacy.

5. Not giving compliments one of $ex mistakes every girl makes.

Boys are also insecure about their looks. Give the guy a good compliment that can really build her interest in you and increase his self confidence.

6. Not showing interest

Let him know you are interested in him. Don’t turn the light off. Just feel comfortable in front of him. If you don’t show her interest in him than he will think that you are not feeling secure with him.

7. Let him sleep if he wants

Man gets tired more than woman. So let him sleep for the time he wants to.

8. Not talking about it

Woman shy when talking about $ex. Talk about it and know what is best because this is the time to explore more rather than focusing on your shy. The more you open the more you will enjoy this moment.

9. Trying too hard

Don’t do the things you don’t feel comfortable doing just because he wants you to. Trying hard to please will put you off the act. So be straight forward and tell him what you like and what you don’t.

So if you are planning for your first intimacy than this information is very much important for you and you should read it carefully so that you won’t face any problem in your relationships. So i must advice you must share this article on $ex mistakes every girl makes with your friends and loved ones by clicking the share button below.

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