This Camera Mechanic Spends 40% of His Income to Feed upto 3000 Parrots


This is the incredible story of a man named Sekar from Chennai who works as a camera mechanic, who is called Birdman of Chennai.

Sekar came to Chennai around 25 years back and he started placing rice and other food on the parapet walls. Sparrows, squirrels used to eat this food daily. He does this daily in the morning. When Chennai was hit by Tsunami he witnessed something amazing. Two parrots came and had their food. Sekar wakes up at 4 in the morning daily and arrange the food for the birds. Now around 3000 parrots come and have their food in the morning.

He spends 40% of his income daily feeding these birds. There might be some days where he might not had food but not once for these birds. He made sure about that! He says Love is universal. 🙂

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