This Man Just Adopted A Puppy And Tries To Explain The Rules. The Puppy’s Reaction? Hilarious


Adopting a pet can change your life for the better. Animals often teach us a lot about life, love, forgiveness, friendship, happiness, and so much more. When an adopted pet is welcomed into your home you can expect to grow in unexpected ways. Besides becoming more responsible, people often find that a new pet gives them a better sense of who they are. At the same time, they become less focused on their own needs and desires, and more giving and attuned to others feelings and needs.

BuzzFeed and Purina Puppy Chow paired up to create a short video that looks at how one man’s life changes when he adopts a new puppy. Their story starts with love at first sight. The guy was simply walking down the street when a cute little black and tan puppy, with tiny snow white paws, caught his attention. A sign in the window next to the dog said he was available for adoption and the rest is history.

After he takes the puppy to his new home the pair begin their life together. The man talks to his new friend in an attempt to get to know what habits, preferences, and lifestyle the little puppy has. When he is trying to figure out what to call his companion he finds out that the dog is actually a girl, not a boy like he thought, and finally decides on the name Chloe. He and Chloe then begin to play around, bond, and have a whole lot of fun together. The two play games and the piano, chase each other, dance around the house, and are soon best friends. The guy shows Chloe all the different items in her new house and tells her about history, his work, and life.

We also get to see all the new responsibilities that come with being a good pet owner. Whether it is properly feeding or teaching them to go potty outside, it’s up to owners to establish healthy habits from the start. The best part of the video is that it also shows the little things animals do that make them so special and endearing to us, like when Chloe is digging in the bed at night. All the ups and downs, lessons we learn from our animals, and awesome memories they share and create, make us better people in the end. And it all starts with adopting an animal.

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