This Movie Of 2 Girls Loving Each Other Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes


We often come across many people who are attracted to the same sex; they can’t help but control their feelings.

In fact, same sex feelings are not only difficult to accept, but are difficult to express too. In some cases, a person feels shattered because he/she won’t be accepted by the society.

That phase is difficult but it’s the hard fact of life. This film “Rozana” is dedicated to all such people who feel awesome to fall in love with same sex.

It revolves around the life of a housewife who is in tears remembering her life with her “Girlfriend”. She finds it hard to adjust after marriage, but all she has is “Memories”

You will be in tears to see this short film by The Short Cuts. This film is specially dedicated to Pride Month i.e. for LGBT community. Don’t miss this emotional love story;

So, after watching this movie, let’s pledge to respect the feelings of such people.

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