This Video Of Mumbai Youth Snatching A Man’s Phone & Doing Risky Stunts In Moving Train Goes Viral


There are many people, especially youngsters, who don’t mind putting their lives at risk just for getting famous on the social media networks. The likes and shares on social media networks have become parameters of a person’s popularity and many youngsters are ready to go to any extent to get their photos and videos viral.

One such video is going viral on the Internet in which three boys can be seen hanging at the gate of a train. They are performing stunts while taking pictures and also snatching belongings of people who are standing on the platform.

They have done all these stunts on Mumbai’s Harbour Line when the train was running at the normal speed. One of them also climbed up to the top of the train just to give a pose. One guy snatched phone of a commuter who was standing on the platform while the train was running.

Watch The Video:

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People are aggravated with the carelessness and stupidity shown by these guys and making a demand that police should look into the matter and ensure that they are punished.

These guys clearly have no respect for the law and lesson should be taught to them so that they can understand the importance of law as well as life.

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