Three Private Companies In Sector 58 Have Offered Space To Muslim Employees For Namaz


The police in Noida had prevented Muslims in a public park in Sector 58 from offering Namaz on Friday. This had created a major uproar.

However, private firms in Sector 58 have taken the step forward and have opened up their spaces in order to allow their Muslim employees to offer Namaz.

A majority of Muslim workers in sector 58, who had been denied access in a public park, had to head towards a similar park in sector 54 in order to offer Namaz.

However, thanks to these three private firms, many employees were able to offer Namaz in their office premises. These firms have clearly been setting an example.

One of the companies was a hosiery company and the owner said that this was nothing unusual for them as he had been doing so for the past 12 years. Employees have apparently been offered this space for more than a decade at his organization.

This is in response to a notification issued by the Noida police which claimed that companies would be held responsible if their employees were found offering Namaz in the sector 58 park.

We applaud the progressive move by the three companies.

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