Video Makes Every Man Realize How He Should Treat His Girl! Do Not Miss To Watch It!

Dheeraj Yadav

Guys would remain guys, until they are made to realize their fault! Yes, this is what the video by So Effin Cray highlights!
The video starts with a couple entering the bedroom, which gives a romantic feel. The guy just can’t stop appreciating the girl’s hotness. He asks her to show her hotness in front of the camera on which she agrees. She is seen wearing a T-shirt and says that whoever she meets says she looks quite hot in T-shirts.

When the guy asks her why she is wearing too many clothes, she says, she is just wearing a tee and an inner. First, the guy asks her to remove her t-shirt and then later on insists her to remove her inner too in front of the camera. He emotionally blackmails her that if she truly loves him, she should do what he says.

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