A Video Never Seen Before! Ellyse Perry Obstructs Sushma Verma From Taking A Run!


Sometimes, Cricket gives us memorable moments. Every now and then, we see videos of players or funny incidents going viral over the internet.

Few days back, Sushma Verma’s stumping video was widely circulated on social media platforms; this time, one more video is out and it will leave you surprised because you might have not seen such a “Clash” before.

The Women’s World Cup match between India and Australia at Bristol was a treat to watch. Sushma Verma played well and faced Ellyse Perry bravely.

If you noticed, there was a point when Sushma collided with Ellyse while taking a run. It was an epic moment; Ellyse tried to obstruct her way, but Sushma showed brilliance and went for her 2nd run without completing the first one.

Yes, when Verma came running, Perry blocked her way and didn’t allow her to touch the crease. Obviously, it looked like an intentional act but we aren’t sure about that; Indians scored just 1 run from this delivery because the first run was incomplete.

Watch the video below.

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