These WhatsApp Chats Are Ready To Make Anyone Laugh


WhatsApp may have over a billion app downloads on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, but it’s portability cannot cover up the fact that WhatsApp’s a great communication tool, but it has made our attention span shorter.

Some of these hilariously funny WhatsApp chats featuring Indian relatives, friends, college mates, office co-workers, engineers, doctors, accountants, financiers almost everyone uses this amazing app.

Ignoring all the other aspects, let’s focus on screenshots of some of the most hilariously crazy timings of people when they simply couldn’t talk straight on their Android and iPhone.


WhatsApp may have become the most used and most downloaded chatting application on Android and iOS. It may have earned a lot of money and it may be well financed, but one thing is for certain its stock value can’t define its usability.

That is where these chats come in the picture. Executive level people use this application to network with funding agencies, angel investors and meet other co-founders. Students use WhatsApp for education and talk with other students and their classmates. Housewives use it for gossiping and couples use it for love-making.

That’s where these conversations went wrong. For these people, nothing made more sense than having a brawl online. Browse through these hilarious chats and you will know why it’s better to do a little bit of meditation.




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