Woman With One Arm Has Impressed The Internet With Her Kickass Bio On A Dating Site!


There are only two ways to deal with your life’s tragedies.

Now, I know that all of our lives are going downhill, so, I’ve automatically ruled out the option of crying, complaining or cribbing. The next and very well tried and tested option is, humour!

Add some flavour of wit in your life and see how it changes.

“Learn to laugh at your troubles and you will never run out of things to laugh at.”

The first page in the book of Lauren’s life would be that quote. Lauren, the subject of this story, lost her arm in an accident, but she never lost her spirit. She is the most hilarious woman on the face of the earth! 

She said that cracking jokes has helped her cope with the loss. She wasn’t okay with laughing about it, at first, but once she did, everything changed. So, someone on a dating website came across her bio and couldn’t help but share it as it was fucking hilarious.

If you think that’s funny, you’ll love what she tweets. Like I said, the most hilarious woman on the face of the earth. No really, just look.

1. And that’s how she responded when her bio went viral and people were raving about it!

2. That’s pretty much my confusion too.

3. This is the spirit I was talking about!

4. I am a fan!

5. This is funny!

People of the world have been flipping out about her ever since that bio went viral. They would be crazy if they weren’t. Look at some of the craziest reactions!

1. Count me in!

2. True!

3. Isn’t she?


4. Proposals, proposals everywhere!

When you have that attitude towards life, half the battle is already won!

Thank you, Lauren. You are just the most inspiring woman ever!

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