10 Things Which People Usually Lie About On Their Resume

We all want to get the best job to get our life stable, to be independent and to make our folks proud. We try to make curriculum vitae or resume the best we could and put up the best thing about ourselves. And in this process, we lie about some of the things we think would look cool on our resume.

No matter how much you are in need of a job lying on your resume will not do you any good. In fact, it might land you in trouble and after unraveling the truth the company will ban you for life.

These are the things people usually lie about on their resume. Read this and avoid making the same mistakes on yours.

1. Exaggerated Certification And Diploma Cources

People either lie about certificates or exaggerate it in order to fill up the empty spaces on their resume. Mentioning a certificate course in stress management while searching job for a copywriter is not right. This might be true but it is of no use.

2. Skills

Using big words under the skill section on the resume make you look smart and better than other but what if you don’t possess those skills. Like putting knowledge about computer software might get you a job in that field and if you don’t know anything about it will land you in trouble.

3. Language Fluency

Most of the people lie about another language fluency but if it falls under the job’s requirements you’ll have to face embarrassment during the interview.

4. Awards

People add extra awards and accolades which they never got during their tenure, thinking that their resume will impress the employees. Well, guess what if it turns out to be fake, you will be barred from the company for lying.

5. False Reason For Leaving Last Job

There can be several reasons for leaving one job and going for another, some are even embarrassing. But citing false reason is not correct. Employers usually cross-check your background with your last job and if anything if found wrong, they at once reject your resume.

6. Job Profile

If you were junior in your office but you write senior on the resume in order to bag a better job, you will end up nowhere. Job profile should always be true on your CV, no matter what it is. Being honest in your resume will paint you good.

7. Salary

Salary is the most-lied about thing on one’s resume. People usually exaggerate there salary and CTC on their profile so that they can demand higher from their next employers.

8. Volunteer Works

Mentioning volunteer works doesn’t need proof or certificate so people lie about it. Doing volunteer work shows that you are selfless who thinks about others, but lying about it is morally incorrect.

9. Interests And Hobbies

Your hobbies include playing video games, sleeping, and eating but you can’t write about it on the resume so you lie. Just to sound sophisticated you write, reading books, bird watching, traveling, etc on it. This is an interviewer’s the least concern topic, but if by any chance he also loves traveling or reading a book, he will definitely ask a thing or two about it and your lie will be uncovered.

10. References

Putting your father’s or friend’s number in the reference section will do you no good. Most of the employers usually call your reference and ask about your work and job profile in detail. Chances are your friend and relative might not know everything and disclose your lie.