15-YO’s Letter To PM Requests Religious Trusts To Donate 80% Of God’s Wealth To COVID-19 Crisis

The coronavirus has forced people to isolate themselves and stay at home to avoid the spread of the virus. Social distancing has proved to be an effective way of tackling the widespread of the virus. Since the entire country is at a standstill, millions of migrant workers, daily wage workers, BPL families and even stray animals among others are suffering the most. Many people are left jobless and are struggling to get a decent meal every day. And if the 21-day lockdown is extended, some of them might succumb to starvation.

Taking cognisance of this health emergency, a 15-year-old boy from Dehradun suggested PM Narendra Modi to make it mandatory for all religious trusts (irrespective of which religion they follow) to donate 80% of ‘God’s wealth’ to the PM CARES fund, reports India Today.

Abhinav Kumar Sharma, a class 10 student wrote a letter to the PM pointing out how the financial support from religious organisations could help us tackle this grim situation and also help make the country financially stable.

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“Our Prime minister has suggested that only social distancing can save us at this time. So, I am hoping this lockdown may partially be extended but there should be better arrangements so that nobody suffers,” he added.

In his letter, he also stated that ‘God would be happy to bless us if this money saves God’s children. We all will have more faith in humanity,’ reported The New Indian Express.

Here’s his full letter:

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Abhinav says that since his parents come from a medical background, he’s been following the coronavirus pandemic closely and listening to the stories and situation related to COVID-19 his parents have been sharing with him.

In these testing times, every penny donated, every helping hand counts. Abhinav’s idea indeed makes sense. It is sure to help feed millions of hungry people until their life gets back to normal. What do you think of this? Tell us.