18 Photos That Prove There Are 2 Types of Girls in the World (Alert: You May Find Yourself in a Couple of the Shots)

The term ‘dichotomy’ means division into 2 mutually exclusive, opposed parts. Dichotomous thinking is typical of the human brain. It helps us classify, evaluate, and analyze the world around us. So no wonder we see more and more ‘There are 2 types of people’ picture compilations that divide people into 2 groups based on every possible criteria from how we squeeze the toothpaste from the tube to how we eat pizza.

Here at ViralSection we’ve collected some funny shots vividly demonstrating that there are 2 types of girls. Which type are you?

We meet these girls at parties:

1. Fairytale classics vs 21st century interpretation

2. Queens of prom vs Queen of the pajama party

3. Trying to look nice in the pic vs Trying to understand who you are

4. Pretty tennis player vs Twice as pretty banana

5. Little demon vs Little plumber


6. Bad girls vs Good cookies

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Garters vs Dedication to your favorite cartoon

8. Priorities vs Love

9. Junior party goer vs Party guru

10. Halloween costume vs Halloween Hulk-a-mania

11. Being pizza vs Wanting pizza

We see them on playgrounds and at swimming pools:

12. Wearing sexy shorts vs Wearing the team uniform

13. Handstand master vs PE lesson skipper

14. Saving her life vs Saving her shot

Or just in everyday life:

15. In the office vs Still at home

16. Being curious vs Being loyal

17. Covering up vs Opening up

And it all starts in childhood:

18. Eager to see more dinosaurs vs Eager to forget you’ve just seen one

Which of these shots seem the funniest to you? Tell us in the comments!