2 Doggos Run Around A Closed Aquarium & Enjoy Their Time With Fishes; Watch Video

Do you want to see something really adorable? Maybe the cutest thing you’ll see today?  Something that will instantly uplift your mood? Well, look no further, as we have got the ultimate stress-buster for you.

Recently, two puppies made new fishy friends in an aquarium amid the coronavirus lockdown. The Atlanta Humane Society took two of their puppies to Georgia Aquarium for a field trip, reports Fox 13. The aquarium, which is currently closed to the public due to the ongoing pandemic, became the perfect outing spot for the puppies.

Have a look at the insanely cute video:

The pups ran through the empty corridors of the aquarium while enjoying some treats. They even made friends with fishies of all shapes and sizes. Aww.

Many people enjoyed watching this heart-warming video during these troubled times:



Well, this insanely adorable video surely put a big smile on our face. How about you? Let us know in the comments below.