22-YO Tests Positive For Coronavirus & Tweets All Her Symptoms From Day 1 To Day 10

The severe outbreak of Coronavirus has caused a chaotic situation all around the globe. So, in order to spread more awareness about the deadly virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) has laid down important guidelines and precautionary measures to be followed during these troubled times.

Apart from WHO, individuals who have been affected by the COVID-19 have also shared their stories in a bid to help others. Recently, a woman who claimed to be infected with coronavirus shared her story to relieve stress during the pandemic, reports Hindustan Times.

Have a look at twitter user Bjonda Haliti’s tweet:

The 22-year-old resident of USA began by mentioning her initial symptoms:

She even researched her symptoms and chose to rest the entire day:

Eventually, she went to the doctor as she was not feeling any better:

The doctors prescribed her some medication for her condition and asked her to stay hydrated. However, as new symptoms showed up, she decided to get tested for Coronavirus:


She even self-quarantined herself as a precautionary measure. She continued her self isolation as she would receive her results after a few days:

But with her continued consumption of antibiotics, her health started to improve:

Her energy levels were increasing:

And, she started to feel better again:

After a few days, her result came back positive for coronavirus:

Bjonda immediately informed people who she was in contact with about her test results. Although her cough started later in the week, she had gone out to bars and clubs earlier. This is why she stressed on the importance of social distancing.

She is now continuing her self-isolation as suggested by doctors and following proper procedures mentioned by the USA’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

And, while under self-isolation she has decided to spread awareness by sharing her story to help others.

Many people appreciated her thoughtfulness as it would help others during this testing time:


Kudos to Bjonda for sharing her story and helping others. We hope she feels better and recovers soon.