3 BFF Grandmas Move In Together To Quarantine, So They Can Chill Together, Watch Video

Quarantine has become a critical, yet boring task for people around the world. So, they are finding creative ways to keep themselves entertained during self-isolation. While composing playing tennis from their windows being some of the coolest ones, what three grandmas from the UK did surely takes the cake.

Doreen Burns, Carol Spark and Dotty Robinson, all in their 70’s have been friends for over 40 years now. All three of them live in Salford in Greater Manchester, in the UK and are currently under quarantine as advised by the government.

After staying in self-isolation for a week to make sure each one of them is ‘fit and well’, they decided to move in together so that they can make the most of their time in quarantine, reports NY Post.

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Accordingly, they moved into Carol’s home, Doreen told BBC in a video call interview. “Dotty’s got a lovely, long back garden, which would be great for exercising,” she, however, added. “Mine has as well,” Carol immediately injects.

The three BFFs are pretty much comfortable with each other without a doubt but they do need some time off from each other because – ‘space’. “I have got a front room, in case we get tetchy with each other. That might be handy,” said Doreen.

The three of them also plan to Netflix and chill together while in quarantine. “I’ve got Netflix so we could watch ‘The Crown’, ” said Doreen, a self-proclaimed binge-watching winner.

But you aren’t really BFFs if you don’t have differences in opinion and Carol says she would ‘fall sleep again’ if she has to watch another session of the tales of Queen Elizabeth.

The interviewer also mentions that the women have laid their hands on the supply of wine too and the ladies raise a toast with him with laughs and giggles in the end.

These ladies have surely given us BFF goals. (Starts making a WhatsApp group titled ‘Aao Saheli Let’s Quarantine Saath Virtually’)