4 Ways to Reduce Your Screen Time

Our phones, computers, tablets, and televisions are fantastic pieces of technology.  By pressing a couple of buttons, we can explore the world and get to see and learn things we wouldn’t know otherwise. But, unfortunately, most of us spend this time scrolling through social feeds and wasting our precious time on things that don’t matter.

If you want to cut yourself out of this habit, here are the top four ways to reduce your screen time.

Pick Up A New Hobby

It may seem easier said than done, but make a hobby for yourself!  Whether it’s going for jogs and looking at Memphis houses for sale instead of watching House Hunters or taking up stained glass window making, think about what fits your personality and interests most.  You don’t have to take on anything expensive or wild; try something new.  Even if your hobby is ‘trying something new every week,’ it’s better than staring at your phone and doing the same thing in and out.  Some of the most common hobbies people try are reading, drawing, painting figurines, and gardening.  Try something new for yourself!

Set Daily Limits On Your Devices

Most phones, tablets, and computers have an option to set parental control, and some intelligent televisions are also rolling out this option.  Utilize this to keep yourself on track.  Although it’s easy to disable this or work around the controls, sometimes just having the reminder that you’re not supposed to be on this device is enough.  If you live with someone else, try to hold each other accountable by following through and locking these devices.  Don’t let yourselves slide back into using them.

Set Deadlines for Books or Other Hobbies

If your hobby is reading, or you’ve decided you’re taking up art, try to set deadlines and homework for yourself!  Try to finish at least one thick book a week, or draw a few things you’re proud of every week. Of course, you can still post your completed projects online and let yourself enjoy the internet in that way: but make the time that you’re enjoying your hobby only about your hobby.  These deadlines will help you hold yourself accountable so that you can be sure you’re not slipping into old habits and living on your phone or tablet again.

Spend Time With Others

An excellent option for those who want less phone time is to spend that time on other human interactions.  One fantastic idea that became popular in recent years is the eating-out phone pile.  To do this, have everyone pile their phone in the center of the table screen-down.  The first person to grab their phone has to pay for the meal for everyone involved.  This makes people competitive, gives us a reason to put our phones down, and if nobody fails, then everyone gets to only pay for their food. 

You can bridge out from this by spending time cooking, playing sports, or completing hobbies with other people to cut loose and have fun!  You can do countless things that don’t have to revolve around a screen, don’t be afraid to give them a try!