7 Simple Habit to Lose a Few Pounds in 2 Weeks At Home

Stress at work, bad sleep, and junk food do not contribute to perfect body shape and only make things worse. In September, it is even more difficult to follow good eating and living habits, and we cannot avoid eating something tasty. But Scientists have discovered that people who sleep 8 to 9 hours and wake up after 10:45 eat 250 calories more than early risers. In addition, they generally want more salty, sweet and surveys showing that there was a link between brushing teeth and © Depositphotos  

This is no joke: sincere laughter uses almost the same energy as walking because it involves different muscles, especially the abdominal muscles. These data were published in the International Journal of Obesity.

In other words, 10 to 15 minutes of laughter can burn 40 to 170 calories. And we believe that whatever happens, a positive attitude is always great! Therefore, we recommend that you watch some more comedies.

#4. Drink more water.

Drinking enough water accelerates the fat burning process. In surveys where participants had to drink 2 large glasses of water, their © Depositphotos   © Depositphotos  

This rule is described in the journal Physiological Reports. The problem is that 5 to 30 seconds of intense increase your metabolism and burn an additional 200 calories. Let your workouts be more effective!

#6. Eat less, but more frequently.

It’s easy: when you eat frequently, tell your body that you don’t need to accumulate Dr. David Jenkins’ research shows that eating too little often reduces cholesterol levels by 15% and insulin levels by almost 28%.

Insulin plays an important role since it controls the level of blood sugar. If insulin is missing, glucose does not reach fat cells or muscles. In short, active muscles burn “old” fats to produce energy.

#7. Remove bright blue light from electronic screens.

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Here is another simple way to increase your metabolism: eliminate blue light from your phone if you use it before bedtime. Studies show that bright light confuses our brain and stop producing melatonin.

Our metabolism is closely related to our sleep patterns, quantity, and quality of sleep. Adjust the light tones emitted by the screens and you will see that your sleep will improve.

What advice do you follow to stay healthy and fit? Share your experience with us.