8 Months Pregnant Nurse Travels 250 Km To Serve Coronavirus Patients In Tamil Nadu

The entire nation has been under complete lockdown for 9 days. We feel a bit inconvenienced and restricted but most of all, we are extremely thankful to all those working on the frontlines to combat the coronavirus. We are wholly appreciative of health and sanitation workers who report for duty despite personal injuries and deaths in the family.

According to The New Indian Express, a 25-year-old nurse named S Vinothini who is 8-months pregnant travelled 250 km from Tiruchy to Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu, to help treat COVID-19 patients.

She had been employed by a private hospital in Tiruchy but after receiving a call from the Joint Director (JD) of Health Services of Ramanathapuram on April 1, she decided to make the journey and serve in a primary health centre (PHC).

She and her husband secured a pass to venture outside during the lockdown with the help of DYFI district secretary P Lenin, Tourism Minister Vellamandi N Natarajan and Collector S Sivarasu. Together, they travelled the distance in a rented car putting the country before themselves.

We salute all doctors, nurses, hospital staff, sanitation workers, grocery store employees, pharmacists, delivery personnel, police officers and bank employees for all the sacrifices they are making so that we may stay at home.