80 Year Old Woman Uses Still, the Pill. The reason? This Love For You Not Possible!

The GP of a 80-year-old woman was retired gone. His successor asked the woman if she list of its provisions would take on her next visit. But when the young doctor looked at the list of rules, he discovered that they still had a prescription for the pill. A 80-year-old woman who uses birth control pills? This can not be true. At least I thought the doctor. He explained his discovery to the woman …


“Mrs. Dubois, are you aware that the contraceptive pill?”
“Sure,” she replies. “I use it to help you sleep better.”

“Mrs. Dubois, I would remind you that the pill contains no ingredients to help you sleep better. Indeed, it is a contraceptive and there you really do not need it anymore! ”

“I know, young man. But every morning I crush a rudder and then the juice of my granddaughter 16 years. And believe me, I sleep over night MUCH better! “