A 23 year old Chennai woman opens up a food bank

food bank1

Everyone knows the struggle of street dwellers to get three time meals for them and their family but nobody does anything for them. You do and I do. The question is: what do we do about it? We hope. We hope to see a change, we hope to end poverty, and we hope they are fed. That’s about it! We just hope nobody come forward to feed the hungers.

But while we are hoping A woman has came forward, Sneha Mohandos, a 23 year old graduate from Chennai has built the life boat of change by starting The Food Bank.

Having a picture in mind of seeing a nation in which not even a single person goes hungry, Sneha decided to start charity at her hometown, Chennai.

food bank2

The concept of Food Bank is quite simple as we do everyday: While cooking food for their families, the members of this group also cook food but some extra food for the poors also. Then they inform Sneha, through Social Media like Facebook or Whatsapp, She sends her volunteers to collect the food packets and then distributes them to the street dwellers in different areas.

While some of the poor are apprehensive, many receive the food in gratitude and feed themselves.

Special thing about this drive is that they do not just give out food packets from hotels, or any leftovers food from their homes, but they provide the fresh home cooked food specially for the poors. She feels that if one can helps, one must help to the best of their ability. The weak and poor also deserve home cooked and healthy food, not just any leftover food.