A Drunk Engineering Student Jumps in a Tiger Enclosure and What Followed Next is Surprising

Remember the incident in which a person fell in a white tiger’s enclosure in Delhi Zoo and the tiger killed the man?

Once again a man was seen in a tiger’s enclosure in Gwalior Zoo, but this time the story was absolutely different.

An Indian engineering student went to the zoo and jumped deliberately in the enclosure. Now, you would be wondering why he did so. Simple, HE WAS DRUNK.

Being under the influence of alcohol, he himself didn’t know what he was doing. He just jumped and took off his shirt to fight with the tiger in the enclosure. Then he shouted for the tiger to notice him and come for a duel.

Tiger ran towards the man and then stopped for a while. What it did next would surprise you for sure.

Watch the video to know what followed next:-


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