A Man Saw A Den Full Of Rattlesnakes, THIS Is What He Insanely Did!


Most of us are afraid of snakes and the moment we encountered one, our first instinct is to run away. A single snake is already terrifying, what more if it’s a den of rattlesnakes? I bet you’ll freaked out, so do I. However a man from Montana, USA took his curiosity to the point where many would never advice to do.

Michael J Delaney risked his life when he decided to get a closer look after spotting a den full of rattlesnakes near his home in Montana.



Using his GoPro kit, he started filming the terrifying sight of crammed snakes.


But it seems the snakes don’t wan’t to get disturbed and attacked the camera making it drop in the pit.


However, Michael is not willing to lose his beloved gadget, using a hockey stick he fished out the equipment from the squirming burrow. He didn’t realized the threat in his life until he got the camera back, slowed down the footage and saw how close to death he had been.


Watch the fearless footage below: