A Travel Guide to Koh Phi Phi


Koh Phi Phi is a popular group of islands in Thailand. And by popular, we mean the boatloads of tourists stepping on its sands every day – rain or shine. Nevertheless, Koh Phi Phi is on the top of everyone’s bucket list because of its distant location, lush mountains, and a party like atmosphere.

To get a better idea, we’ve created this travel guide. So stay tuned to learn how to get the best out of this beautiful island!

Have Realistic Expectations

Ko Phi Phi is an island that appears to be packed with 18-year-old kids having a Spring Break Style party. You don’t want your expectations to exceed walking on beaches, partying, and maybe some hiking.

There are a few quieter beaches you can visit and while you can “avoid” the parties, but it’s one of the “things to do” here.

Instead, have realistic expectations. The spring water isn’t as clean as expected, you might spend twice your budget, ad the island is so small that you’ll listen to the dub/techno music throughout the entire day.

Getting a Good Guest House

Ko Phi Phi is an expensive island, and their hotel prices match that. In Thailand, booking online can be more expensive as you’re unable to negotiate. When speaking on the phone or in person, you can get a better rate, but you might risk no availability at the high-end places.

If you appear and negotiate with the Thai citizens at the port, you’ll find somewhere nice at a decent price if there are open rooms. You’ll pay them a fee ahead of time, which will be a portion of your first night’s stay there.  Make sure you get a receipt.


Don’t book too many nights in advance because if you stay longer, you can potentially negotiate with the guest house owner.

Extra Koh Phi Phi Tips

  • Koh Phi Phi Don is the main island where people live on, and Koh Phi Phi Lay is the uninhabited, smaller island that is a national park.
  • There are no roads on this island, meeting upon arrival – you will have to carry your luggage to your accommodations. Scan the dock for men with wheelbarrows, pay them a small fee, and your luggage problem is immediately fixed!
  • The island is walkable, and it’s really small. Explore, but take time to stroll around.
  • If you’re traveling to Thailand on a budget, skip the island and visit some of the smaller islands. You can take a Phuket to phi phi ferry for cheap. Because of its popularity, Phi Phi islands does increase their prices a LOT.
  • Koh Phi Phi is a partying island. People start drinking games as early as 2 pm, and it continues throughout the day. It’s party madness.


To conclude, we hope that you have a great time at Koh Phi Phi islands. Don’t come with unrealistic expectations, negotiate prices, and plan to have a lot of fun while you’re there. By traveling to Koh Phi Phi, you’ll have an exotic experience and memories that will last a lifetime.