After Air India, Now IndiGo Claims Crew Is Being Ostracized For Their ‘Travel History’


Just after millions of Indians cheered for medical professionals and healthcare workers at 5 PM on ‘Janata Curfew’, Air India released an official statement wherein they claimed that their crew was being ostracised by their neighbours for visiting coronavirus hotspots to rescue Indians stranded there.

And now, following Air India, IndiGo Airlines reported instances of their employees being “targeted by their communities” because of their “line of duty and travel history”, according to NDTV.

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“There are some instances when our employees have been ostracised from their communities as a result of their line of duty and travel history,” claimed IndiGo.

IndiGo went on to urge people to support their staff as they continue to work and serve the country during such tough times, reports TOI.

“The nation gave a standing ovation to the heroes for their fight against this pandemic on March 22. Our operational crew, in all areas, play an equally important role to keep vital services intact. Our colleagues have been working selflessly to serve the country at this critical juncture. Our employees have been the front-runner in bringing our citizens back to the country and enabling them to reach their hometowns even during restricted movements. Please support our operating colleagues in such a difficult time,” they added.


An IndiGo employee based in Kolkata also took to Twitter to post a video sharing an account of how her family is being harassed by the people of her locality. Despite being medically checked regularly, her neighbours suspect that she is infected and are ostracising her. So much so, that her mother is being declined by shopkeepers and local vegetable vendors.

It is immensely disturbing to think about how the members of the aviation industry are being harassed despite them risking their lives to save fellow citizens. They all need our support, now more than ever!