An HIV-Positive Man Asks People To Touch Him – The Results Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

AIDS and HIV are no joking matter. They go hand in hand, but luckily not everyone who is diagnosed as being HIV positive goes on to develop AIDS. Only ‘acquired immune deficiency syndrome’ can be a truly debilitating disease. A killer.

Since the spread of the disease back in the 1980s, there’s always been somewhat of a taboo surrounding diagnosis, because it went on to be associated with the promiscuous, intravenous drug users and the homosexual community. Sufferers had to face not only the terrible effects of the affliction, but the social shame that went with it.

Thankfully we’re living in more enlightened time nowadays and people are more accepting. But doesn’t stop many AIDS sufferers and people that are HIV positive feeling that they’re shunned by the public. To test this, an HIV-positive man called Janne from Finland filmed himself as he stood up in public with a simple sign that read, ‘I’m HIV Positive – Touch me’.