Apparently This Is How You Can Cleanse Your Lungs In Only 3 Days!


We all know that lung problems occur from smoking or from second hand smoke. If we live with a high level of air pollution our lungs are greatly affected as well. Whether or not we develop serious lung problems, depends not only on our environment and lifestyle, but also from genetic predispositions for such problems.

We are all affected by pollution and other environmental factors, that make a lung cleanse desirable, particularly when it can be accomplished in three days at home. The video you are about to watch discusses home remedies to detoxify your lungs in this time period.

Before beginning to detoxify your lungs it is critical to eliminate dairy from your diet, as dairy creates mucous. The drinks that you will use in your cleansing will be ineffectual if it has to fight the increased mucous produced by dairy.

Herbal tea before bedtime on Day 1 helps to rid the intestine of toxins which result in constipation. This is critical in this cleansing, because you want to reduce the work load of the lungs; having to take care of another part of the body will keep the lungs from being purified.

Even though it sounds pretty tart, 2 lemons squeezed into a cup of water before eating anything in the morning will do much to detoxify your lungs. 300 ml of grapefruit or pineapple juice contain natural antioxidants that have a significant effect on the ease with which you breath. Both juices are equally effective; the one you choose is a matter of taste preference.

Alkalizing your blood during this 3-day cleanse is critical to fighting disease. By drinking 300 ml of carrot juice in between breakfast and lunch, you will achieve the optimum degree of alkalizing.

400 ml of potassium rich juices during lunchtime, acts as a cleansing tonic. At bedtime, the use of cranberry juice for further cleansing of the lungs is critical to fighting bacteria which cause infections.

At the end of the day steaming or a hot bath for about 20 minutes will help you to sweat out toxins. Eucalyptus drops in a bowl of hot water, to inhale with a towel over your head, is amazingly clarifying. Watch the video below to help you with the specifics of this lung cleanse.

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