Baby Faces Off Against a King Cobra In Terrifying Video! Is The Baby Okay?!

Coming face to face with a snake is fodder for most people’s nightmares, but for the baby in this video it looks like it’s an everyday activity!

The king cobra is known for being the longest venomous snake in the world! Just trying to look into its eyes in this picture makes a chill run down my spine!


The baby in this video seems to have the opposite reaction to getting up close and personal with the serpent. If anything, the baby seems mostly curious as he crawls toward it and even grabs at it!


According to the uploader, this footage was taken in India, in area where snakes are thought to be sacred and are worshipped by the people. Instead of fearing snakes, humans have a very special bond with the reptiles, with some houses even welcoming them into their home and treating them like family!


It’s hard to watch the video without feeling some intense anxiety–you can hear the cobra hissing and even lunging at the baby! The video cuts just as the snake wraps itself around the baby, so hopefully that means someone stepped in to make sure the little guy didn’t get hurt!


The uploader explains in the description that this baby is from a tribal family in India, and that the snake would have been defanged. The description also says that the snake was most likely rescued from a nearby jungle that would have been destroyed because of urbanisation.

The video is definitely shocking, as most people aren’t used to seeing any human interact with a snake this way, never mind a baby!

What did you think about this video? Would you let a snake roam freely in your house? Let us know in the comments below!
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