Baichung Bhutia Offers His Gangtok Home As Shelter For Displaced Migrants During Lockdown

The plight of migrant workers and daily-wage laborers is a serious concern as the nationwide lockdown has temporarily put an end to their source of daily income. As a result, many cannot find a place to put up and food to eat amid coronavirus lockdown. In fact, they are ready to risk their lives to somehow travel back to their hometown so that they atleast get a roof over their head and food to eat.

Many Bollywood celebrities and sports personalities have come forward to help those affected due to lockdown and have contributed their bit to the Prime Minister’s relief fund called ‘PM Cares’.

Recently, ace football player Baichung Bhutia announced that he’s doing his bit towards the coronavirus crisis in the country. Accordingly, he has offered his Gangtok house as a shelter for migrant workers.

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Talking to NDTV he said, “I’ve offered any migrant worker who does not have any house to stay there. We will also provide them some basic ration. I’m also working with the local authorities to see how it can be done. We can support and work together.”

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He said he has been in constant touch with the authorities to keep a track of coronavirus cases in the country. “Not a single case of corona positive as of now. So that they (migrant workers) are safe from corona. Doctors can also check. We are trying to request the government. At least they will be safe from the coronavirus in the house when the borders have been shut and locked. They are badly hit they don’t have anywhere to go,” he added.

Baichung’s contribution will surely help the migrant workers in these difficult times. Every contribution counts and Baichung’s is surely a huge one!