Blind Patient Asks Nurse To Check Outside The Window. What Follows Will Touch Your Soul

Staying in a hospital when dealing with a serious illness is not the most comforting thing in the world.

But over time, you get used to your surroundings. You get used to the food, and over time you get used to the the staff taking care of you: nurses, doctors, and attendants. You get to know them by name, personality and stories. What’s most important besides medical treatment, is establishing a long-term positive companionship with those around you, and spending quality time with those that care about you and your progress to healthy recovery.

In this video, two patients, one blind and one with another serious illness, develop a special bond after spending time close to each other in adjacent beds. In order to pass time, the blind patient asks his friend to look out the window and tell him what he sees. His friend then goes on to describe what he sees in vivid detail and tells about the people and the adventures they have. However, one day… his friend is taken from the room and goes into surgery. Unfortunately, he never returns. When the blind patient asks the nurse to look out the window for him, he is met with a startling reality.

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